Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Advantages and Disadvantages of Media Social

Nowadays, android based device become a basic necessity every household. Due to the rapid technology development and advancement, people tend to follow trends with using new builds technology. Usage of social media may become advantage or disadvantage depends on the users’ intentional purpose. Internet provides various services. One of it’s being as a social medium. An example of popular social-network services are Facebook and Twitter. These social networks become popular among teenagers.

Social media can contribute to better relationship. Online chatting is the easiest way to get in touch with people we know. We can easily contact them without being charged a penny. Although we were apart with them in the physical form, it doesn’t mean our relationship were disconnected just because of distant away. When our hearts grow fonder, we can still connect by meeting up in chat room or sort of likely. Given a situation, one studying abroad in foreign country separated with his or her family. His or her parent needs to know his or her whereabouts. One can chat with them to put them in ease. Social media is what we called a part of your life without plane ticket. We don’t need to set up a meeting place just because need to face each other. The most convenient way is by using web-cam interface social-network service such as Skype to stay in touch with them.

Internet may become advantageous if one using it as a tool to start and expand business online. One can set up a website by trusted website provider. One doesn’t need to distribute advertisement products catalog, job-hiring sheets like traditional ways. One can advertise products and vacancy in many sites. Of course it isn’t free of charge. It’s usually pricing at economic price so people can effort it. The alternative way to market products is by writing articles about the products you are on and post it in business news website. Social media is only a helper for developing business skill. One has to become strategist to overcome challenges.

Throughout media social, teaching and learning way can be improved. This meant out-of-classroom communication between teachers and students is a revolution interactive learning. Students can discuss their understanding about the topics learnt, homework, general knowledge, revise notes and many more in forum online. Students also can refer to teachers when dealing with difficulty in studying matter. Besides, students can explore topics they are interest with people of the same interest. Students can form a group or affiliate with a group who share the same interest.  Automatically, we will receive our friends feed-on activity in the topic discuss.

By making new virtual friends, we can have a happy life. Why? It’s because friends are important persons for a man. One can’t live without relying with others. They become important persons after our family and share deep bonds with us. Virtual friends are someone who can easily deal than family. Whenever we are facing problems, they act as life counselor giving advices. As consequence, our stressed can be reduced and released.

Sometimes, social media can be dangerous to us and people such as online abusive. Someone may hold a grudge toward you. They may post unkind and untrue things about you. Simply, they want make people to change perception about ourselves. Other than that, you can easily be deceived by irresponsible anonymous. So we must keep in mind that our personal detailed data always in confidential state. Internet is a wide-range network or known as global network is connected by peers. So there’s a big probability our mail account login can be hacked or accessed by hacker groups. They may fake or ban our profile. So keeping a hard guessing password is a vital point so they can’t easily crack the algorithm.

Prone to illness is one of social media disadvantage. It’s because youngster were too absorbed with entertainment and sitting in front of desktop all day along. As the result, health and mental problem easily infect into our body. As example, one will get eyes defection because of exhaustion. Some were agreeing that one who’s sitting in front of desktop 24/7 easily getting obesity problem due to lack of exercise. We also will loss appetite as well if we keep lock ourselves in the virtual world.  Apart from that, when we were too immersed by social media it will affect toward our grades. In the next day, we will get sleepy in no time and loss focus in the studies. Also, it can lead us to nocturnal habit and hindrance ourselves in the end.

Last but not least, it’s important to stay socializing with peers through social media but we also have to control it and use it wisely in order to lead normal life like others do.